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Why Pressalit Changing Table SCT3000 is the Ultimate Adult Changing Station for Compliance with Singapore BCA Guidelines

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore has set forth specific guidelines to ensure the provision of accessible changing rooms in various public and commercial buildings.

These guidelines emphasize the importance of creating spaces that cater to the needs of individuals with disabilities, particularly for cleaning and changing diapers.

The Pressalit Changing Table SCT3000 is an exemplary product that meets and exceeds these requirements, making it an ideal solution for facilities aiming to comply with the BCA standards.

Key Features of the Pressalit Changing Table SCT3000

1. Adequate Dimensions
The BCA guidelines mandate a minimum clear internal dimension of 2600 mm wide by 2300 mm deep for accessible changing rooms. The Pressalit SCT3000 fits perfectly within these dimensions, providing ample space for users and caregivers to maneuver comfortably.

2. Accessibility Compliance
According to clause 5.2 of the BCA guidelines, individual washroom facilities must be accessible. The Pressalit SCT3000 includes features such as easy-to-reach controls and adjustable heights, ensuring that it meets the necessary accessibility standards.

3. Height-Adjustable Bench
One of the critical requirements is the inclusion of a height-adjustable bench or bed, with a minimum size of 1800 mm long by 750 mm wide. The Pressalit SCT3000 features a height-adjustable bed, allowing caregivers to set the most comfortable and safe working height. This feature is crucial for reducing the risk of injury and enhancing the comfort of both the caregiver and the user.

4. Durability and Safety
The Pressalit SCT3000 is built with high-quality materials designed to withstand frequent use in public facilities. Its robust construction ensures safety and longevity, making it a reliable choice for institutions looking to make a long-term investment in accessibility infrastructure.

5. Additional Recommendations
While the BCA guidelines recommend the provision of a hoist system in accessible changing rooms, the Pressalit SCT3000 can easily integrate with such systems. This compatibility ensures that caregivers can assist persons with disabilities more effectively, providing a comprehensive solution to accessibility needs.

The Pressalit Changing Table SCT3000 stands out as an optimal solution for compliance with the BCA's accessibility guidelines. Its thoughtful design and adherence to the specified standards make it an invaluable addition to hospitals, transport terminals, sports complexes, amusement centers, and shopping complexes. By investing in the Pressalit SCT3000, facilities can ensure they are providing safe, comfortable, and accessible environments for all individuals.




Written answer by Ministry of National Development on accessible changing rooms and larger accessible toilets in buildings

Feb 26, 2024
Question No: 5506
Question by: Ms See Jinli Jean
To ask the Minister for National Development (a) what proportion of buildings in Singapore provide (i) accessible changing rooms for adults with disabilities or seniors who need caregivers to help change them and (ii) larger accessible toilets on every floor for motorised wheelchairs users, respectively; and (b) how does the Ministry seek to encourage more building owners to introduce accessible changing rooms and larger accessible toilets in their buildings.
BCA requires all new buildings and existing buildings undergoing major addition and alteration (A&A) works to comply with the Code on Accessibility in the Built Environment (‘Code’). Since Jan 2020, the Code requires buildings that are frequented by the public, such as sports complexes, transport interchanges, polyclinics, community clubs and larger shopping malls, to provide at least one accessible changing room at an appropriate location and one larger accessible individual washroom at every floor.
2. To date, there are about 50 buildings designed with accessible changing rooms for persons with disabilities and seniors, who may need the assistance of their caregivers. The integrated community development at One Punggol and the Mandai Bird Paradise are examples of places that have provided accessible changing rooms. There are about 130 buildings designed with larger accessible toilets. These toilets cater to persons with disabilities and seniors using motorised wheelchair that require a larger manoeuvring space.
3. To encourage more private building owners to voluntarily retrofit their existing buildings with user-friendly features, BCA’s Accessibility Fund (AF) co-funds up to 80% of the construction cost for basic accessibility features like larger accessible toilets and up to 60% of the construction cost for other inclusive features like accessible changing rooms in eligible developments. To further promote this, BCA’s Universal Design Excellence Award (UDEA) recognises buildings that have provided more accessible facilities beyond the mandatory Code requirements.

The Building Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA) has been supporting the development of universal designs to ensure inclusivity for those with special needs. Proud to be a part of this movement, Active Aging LLP (Pressalit Singapore) is excited to see its SCT product line being featured in many of the accessible changing rooms in Singapore's newest buildings. Our SCT 2100 model was recently showcased at the newly inaugurated Singapore Bird Paradise, as highlighted by Channel News Asia on 12th October 2023. We remain committed to providing innovative solutions for a more inclusive world. #Accessibility #Inclusivity #UniversalDesigns #PressalitSCT #ActiveAgingLLP #BCA #Pressalit #SCT2100 #SCT3100 #ChangingTable #ChangingPlace #AccessibleChangingRoom #ACR #AdultChangingStations



BCA Accessibility Fund (Click HERE to redirect to BCA)

To promote an accessible built environment, BCA has launched Accessibility Fund that provides grants to building owners for upgrading their existing buildings with essential accessibility and Universal Design features. Building owners, lessors who have the ownership right to upgrade the building and lessees who can carry out the upgrading works with the endorsement of the building owners/lessors are eligible to apply for this fund.

Funding eligibility

Private buildings built before the implementation of Code on Barrier-free Accessibility in Buildings 1990 that do not have Basic Accessibility features
The fund would co-pay up to 80% of the construction cost of the Basic Accessibility Features cited below:

    • Accessible approach to building;
    • Ramps/lifts for improving accessibility in building’s first storey;
    • Accessible toilet in building’s first storey or entrance level; and
    • Signage for finding way to building’s accessibility features.

The fund could provide grant up to 80% of the construction cost of a passenger lift (constructed in accordance with the SS 550) for buildings which provide accessibility between floors. The grant amount per lift is capped at S$200,000.

Private buildings built before the implementation of Code on Accessibility in the Built Environment 2013 that have Basic Accessibility features
The fund would co-pay up to 60% of the construction cost of Universal Design Features cited below:

    • Urinal/Water closet compartment for ambulant disabled and elderly;
    • Lactation room;
    • Child friendly water closets, urinals and wash basins;
    • Diaper changing stations;
    • Hearing enhancement systems; and
    • Braille and tactile features.


PRESSALIT’s SHOWER & CHANGE TABLE in the 2000 series

Active Aging LLP is excited to reveal Singapore’s very first installation of PRESSALIT’s SHOWER & CHANGE TABLE in the 2000 series, the SCT2100. This installation is situated in three public accessible toilets within one of Singapore’s most exciting world-class attractions, slated to open in the second half of 2023. The SCT2100, like the SCT3000, is a user-centric, adult-sized electrically height adjustable platform for bathing and changing of diapers; with a maximum load of 175kg. Caregivers will now find the whole process, from transfer to bathing and changing their clients/loved ones easy, safe and comfortable. Folded up when not in use, this product puts an end to back-breaking duties. Via a hand-held remote, the changing table is adjustable from a low of 300mm to a maximum height of 1000mm. The range of 700mm is purposed to support and facilitate the transfer of users of varying heights and builds, with or without wheelchair. The lying surface is made of a piece of removable perforated coated canvas, stretched around a light-weight frame. This material flexes with the body of the user lying on it; which is why it is often called a changing bed. In materials that are water-friendly, it is easy to clean and maintain. Until recently in Singapore, such changing surfaces were available only to infants. As we strive to be more inclusive as a society, this client has not just complied with BCA’s latest Code On Accessibility 2019, they have taken concrete steps to ensure everyone, including PWDs, enjoy their day out at their park, without having to worry about suitable accessible bathroom facilities.


A reposting from Building and Construction Authority of Singapore (posted on 10 July 2019)

Photo Source: Building and Construction Authority (Singapore)

BCA has launched its new Code on Accessibility in the Built Environment 2019 – requirements that building owners and professionals must fulfil to ensure that our buildings and public spaces are friendly and inclusive. The two most impactful changes to the Code are the requirements for Accessible Changing Rooms which allow caregivers to clean and change the diapers of older children and adults with disabilities as well as the elderly; and wider accessible toilet spaces for motorised wheelchair users as they require larger manoeuvring spaces.

Check out some pictures of Changi Airport’s Accessible Changing Room located at Terminal 3, Basement 2. This facility offers caregivers like Jasmine a conducive space to attend to the toileting needs of her daughter, Sarah, who is non-mobile, and still using diapers. The new Code will benefit them, and many more families as these facilities will become mandatory in public spaces such as hospitals, larger transport terminals and shopping complexes in the near future. During the recent visit to the Accessible Changing Room at Changi Airport T3, Jasmine expressed her gratitude of how diaper changing for Sarah has been made much less stressful, without her having to worry about her girl’s safety now that she is being placed on a changing table suitable for adults, and not just for babies. ☺️

For more details about the 2019 Code, download from this link or scan the QR Code


Showering and Changing Tables for Accessible Changing Rooms


Click HERE for Video

Showering and Changing Tables for Accessible Changing Rooms

Tim Knowles and Anne Chiang load testing the Pressalit Showering and Changing Table at the Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3.

Showering and Changing Table 3000 in Singapore Changi Airport, compliant BCA Singapore, Code on Accessibility In The Built Environment, 2019, p.132

PRESSALIT Showering and Changing Tables (SCT) series 1000, 2000 and 3000 are a range of high quality, fixed or power adjusted nursing benches designed to provide a stable platform suitable for changing adults and children in a variety of settings: schools, day care centres, institutions, hospitals and private homes. Made of materials that are robust and resistant to cleaning agents, PRESSALIT Nursing Benches are made to withstand the test of time, making them an investment that will pay its own way back many times over.


Height adjustable Showering and Changing Table in Singapore Changi Airport T3.

Here HERE to watch Video

Pressalit Showering and Changing Table (SCT) 3000 Series in Singapore Changi Airport T3. The table height is electrically controlled and can be brought down for patient transfer. Adjustable height allows easy patient transfer for both adults and children. The height adjustability makes showering and changing patient & caregiver friendly, while preserving hygiene and patients' dignity. The height adjustable feature also allows caregiver to work at a comfortable height. Patients are also showered or changed Safely.



Are you BCA-compliant when building an Accessible Changing Room?

Exactly 20 months after BCA mandated the latest CODE ON ACCESSIBILTY (COA) 2019, it seems timely to remind everyone of it. As a refresher, the latest COA requires building owners and professionals to go further in ensuring that our buildings and public spaces are even more accessible, wheelchair-friendly and inclusive.

The two most impactful changes to the Code are the provision of Accessible Changing Rooms (ACR) which allow caregivers to clean and change older children, adults and elderly with physical impairments; on a height adjustable changing bench. Accessible toilet spaces will now also need to be wider for motorised wheelchair users as they require larger manoeuvring spaces. Click here to download the COA in its entirety.

ACRs must be built in the following types of facilities:

Hospitals, health-care centres and polyclinics

Major transport terminals

Sports complexes

Theme parks

Shopping complexes (of 20,000 sq m or more in gross floor area)

Watch this space for further details on compliance when planning, designing and building your next accessible toilet.

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Pressalit Lightbox Moments




Select Adjustable Height Toilet Seat








Pressalit Asia Updates

Singapore, January 2017/Opening

“ACTIVE AGING LLP, PRESSALIT's authorised distributor for Singapore, had their PRESSALIT Care showroom declared officially opened by the Ambassador of Denmark to Singapore and Brunei, Her Excellency Dorte Bech Vizard on 9 January 2017. Attended by the CEO of PRESSALIT A/S, Mr Kim Boyter, he jointly played host together with ACTIVE AGING’s founders, Ms Anne Chiang and Mr, Johnny Yap. Almost 30 guests, from a wide spectrum of industry, ranging from government (Building And Construction Authority, Urban Redevelopment Authority), medical professionals, to established vendors in the healthcare industry, business owners, to VWOs and social enterprises came by, mingled freely, tucked into Nordic-themed canapes and listened to opening speeches, peppered with lots of laughter and well wishes.

ACTIVE AGING LLP's experiential showroom features CARE’s PLUS range of flexible bathroom solutions, MATRIX’s wheelchair-friendly adjustable sinks, SELECT’s electrically operated height-adjustable toilets and INDIVO’s lifts for wall-hung cabinets and worktops. Situated in the city state of Singapore, the showroom is a working model of the two companies' combined belief that ‘disabled' does not have to mean ‘unable'.

Guests were invited to try first-hand, PLUS’ skin temperature-friendly shower seats and witnessed PRESSALIT’s innovative design and engineering. Complete with an actual wheelchair, Johnny demonstrated the flexibility and adjustability of the various products.

Currently the only PRESSALIT Care showroom in South East Asia*, it welcomes one and all, from actual individual users to institutional caregivers, to design/research houses, to industry, to welfare and social organisations. Looking to be more than just a supplier of assistive hardware for special needs, ACTIVE AGING LLP is looking to promote independent living amongst the elderly AND disabled, through partnerships and synergistic activities with various interest and community groups. In partnership with PRESSALIT, ACTIVE AGING LLP are committed to embody the slogan, “Keep living”, in the many years to come.
Transcript for Video

Pressalit A/S and Active Aging LLP mark their presence in Southeast Asia with the opening of their exclusive experiential showroom in Singapore. Ambassador to Singapore and Brunei, Her Excellency, Dorte Bech Vizard graces the official opening of Active Aging Singapore. Transcript of Speech: Good evening to all of you. I am Dorte, Denmark’s Ambassador to Singapore and Brunei. I am honoured to start my new year with the opening of a showroom by an innovative Danish business, Pressalit Care, and its partner, Active Aging. As you can see, we are surrounded by flexible, well-thought and finely constructed solutions to our everyday lives. These daily fixtures which we take for granted, have been carefully designed and crafted to meet the needs of a rapidly ageing demographics which both Denmark and Singapore grapple with. These flexible solutions to fixtures have enabled both the young and old to live independently. Healthcare professionals also benefit from Pressalit Care’s solutions as they allow them to provide care while preserving patient dignity. The partnership between Pressalit Care and Active Aging is timely. Singapore government is deeply concerned about its ageing population. The Singapore government has been encouraging its people to age at home. Singaporeans are starting to take heed and they do want to live independently and with dignity, regardless of age and health condition. Guidelines set by Building & Construction Authority have pathed the way for a more inclusive society. This is important especially when Singapore is working towards a liveable city. Singapore of often looked upon for benchmarking. Danish companies that want to be seen and heard often start from Singapore. This showroom can be a living lab to Pressalit Care’s capabilities and Active Aging’s mission. I believe this showroom will be put to good demonstration to key stakeholders in Singapore as well as Malaysia. I congratulate both Pressalit Care and Active Aging on your official opening of this exclusive Pressalit Care showroom. Today is the 9th of January. In Chinese, 9 means everlasting. This is a good start and I wish you many more milestones ahead.

Chief Executive Officer and Owner of Pressalit A/S, Kim Boyter, graces the official opening of Active Aging LLP Singapore. Pressalit A/S and Active Aging LLP mark their presence in South East Asia with the opening of their exclusive experiential showroom in Singapore.



Pressalit Addresses Accessibility Problems

One of the key problems is in the number of personnel required to wash and change clients who soil themselves. Due to the absence of appropriate hardware, it currently takes three people to wash and change one client. Currently, many clients require assistance and/or supervision during toileting. There are some who have the potential to be more independent in the bathroom. We would like to utilise suitable sanitary hardware to build their confidence to be more independent.

Pressalit range of sanitary fittings are flexible and height-adjustable. Flexible in that they are engineered to support a diverse group of users, in various shapes, heights and sizes, with different levels of functionality. Besides improving our clients’ comfort and safety in the bathroom, its height-adjustable feature protects our care giver’s well-being too; minimising back-breaking patient transfers.

Pressalit Exhibitions

Singapore, Sep 2018 Medical Fair Asia


MFA 2018 saw the strongest turnout ever, with 1,000 exhibitors from 62 countries, including 23 national pavilions and country groups this year. Situated in a strategic corner booth in the Community Care Zone, PRESSALIT A/S’ presence was a first ever, in Singapore. We were kept busy as we played host to at least 140 visitors to our booth over the three days. Its 12 sq m stand featured a MATRIX Small wash basin, a PLUS 450 shower seat and three different permutations of PLUS Support Arms. Seen also for the first time in South East Asia was the Nursing Bench 3000 Series, which attracted a lot of interest from various local and regional hospitals. It was evident that adult-sized height adjustable changing benches are slowly gaining acceptance as a primary feature in accessible toilets in SEA.


Singapore, Care Rehab February 2019

ACTIVE AGING LLP is PRESSALIT A/S’ latest addition to their extensive network of Authorized Distributors. 

ACTIVE AGING LLP supplies and installs PRESSALIT Care range of assistive hardware technology from Denmark. Designed and engineered for people with reduced/limited functional capacity, PRESSALIT Care products are used in bathrooms, kitchens and workspaces. 
Guided by their slogan, ‘Keep Living’, PRESSALIT Care comprises of a complete range of premium quality, hand or electrically-operated adjustable shower seats, support arms, toilet lifters, worktop/wall cabinet lifters and nursing benches. 
The products aim to enable and prolong independence in seniors and the moderately disabled in four critical areas: showering, toileting, changing and washing. 
Designed also to protect the caregiver, PRESSALIT’s technology lies in its unique track system; enabling flexibility and adaptability, both primary considerations when designing a space to meet a range of special needs. Both horizontal and vertical adjustments in Care products benefit both user and caregiver; in almost any given healthcare situation.
Our shared goals are a better life, one filled with dignity and independence, for people with mobility limitations; and a healthier work environment for their carers. 
PRESSALIT Care can be viewed in ACTIVE AGING LLP’s experiential showroom at: 190 Clemenceau Avenue, #05-31 Singapore Shopping Centre, Singapore 239924. Click here or call +65 6735 9727 for an appointment. Download brochure here.


Singapore, 16 July 2019, National Council of Social Services Summit

Photo Source:  NCSS Summit (16 July 2019) Exhibitors-5 © Isabelle Lim

The Social Service Summit is NCSS’s annual signature event which brought together, on 16 July 2019, leaders from the social service ecosystem to build networks and collaborate for change. The theme for this year’s Summit was Impact through Innovation.

Key Highlights:

1) Launch of the Sector Design Challenge – a platform for social service ecosystem partners to work together in solving key social issues

2) An Innovation Showcase featuring solutions from more than 50 social service agencies, social enterprises and tech partners

3) 6 Breakout Tracks that deep dived into the topics of: innovation in service delivery, innovation in organisational change and innovation in collaboration

Active Aging LLP (Pressalit SINGAPORE) was invited to display under the Innovation Showcase. The visitors were especially impressed with our PRESSALIT’s Matrix Adjustable Height Sink and the Accessible Changing Bench; both of these products can be seen in the pictures below.

Christian Outreach, Singapore Cheshire Home, Ministry of Health, Sree Narayana Mission, CEPAS were amongst the many who were at the summit and visited our stand.

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Dear friends,

We thank you for stopping by ACTIVE AGING LLP’s stand at the SOCIAL SERVICE SUMMIT’s Innovation Showcase on 16 July 2019 at MBS. We hope this message finds you well. You will recall we showcased PRESSALIT Care’s range of flexible bathroom solutions designed for not just the physically impaired but protect the well-being of care-givers too.

Safety, independence, dignity and comfort in the bathroom concern us the most. Our efforts in raising awareness of and campaigning for truly inclusive accessible toilets in Singapore must continue. Spurred on by BCA’s latest COA 2019, we are excited about the future of this space; and the gradual standardisation of ACCESSIBLE CHANGING ROOMS (ACRs) in the following public spaces:

• Hospitals, health-care centres, polyclinics
• Major transport terminals/interchanges, eg. Airports, bus and MRT interchanges/railway stations, cruise centres
• Sports Complexes
• Theme parks and purpose-built amusement centres, community clubs and country clubs
• Shopping complexes of 20,000 sq m or more in gross floor area

Please talk to us if you are interested in making “accessible” a working reality in your or your client’s facility. We provide support in the following areas:
- Design advice (in line with BCA’s COA 2019)
- Product placement advice
- Product advice on PRESSALIT Care and installation

If you are planning for/designing/upgrading an Accessible Water Closet Compartment, Accessible Individual Washroom or an ACR, do remember us! As promised when we met, you are all welcome to pay our experiential showroom a visit. Until then, do stay in touch via LinkedIn (if we have not). Stay healthy and keep smiling.