Institutional Health Caregivers

 In caring for the patient, let’s not forget the carer.

In healthcare institutions, where staff operate products and equipment every working day, isn’t it reassuring that PRESSALIT products are designed to be operationally intuitive; where vertical and horizontal adjustment, ergonomic handles and innovative design lead to a healthier work environment and fewer sick days?

PRESSALIT products are easy to clean and maintain. There are a minimal number of grooves, slits and holes, where dirt is likely to pool, in their products. Surfaces are smooth, in PUR foam, for the seats. Staff can clean up quick and more thoroughly. Its front panels on vertical and horizontal wall tracks are in polystyrene plastic, making it durable and maintenance-free.



“Unlocking Dignity: The SCT3000 Revolution”. Enhancing Accessibility with the Pressalit SCT3000

Revolutionize Restroom Accessibility
Why Choose the SCT3000?
The installation of a Pressalit SCT3000 Adult Shower and Change Table is a game-changer for public restrooms. Designed with people in mind, this innovative solution offers unparalleled benefits:

Improved Accessibility: The SCT3000 provides a safe and comfortable space for assisted changing. For adults dealing with incontinence, mobility limitations, or developmental disorders, this table ensures dignity and hygiene during personal care.
Height Adjustable: The electrically height-adjustable feature allows caregivers to customize the table’s position, accommodating users of varying heights. From 300 mm to 1000 mm, the SCT3000 adapts effortlessly.
Stylish Design: The SCT3000 boasts an award-winning design that seamlessly blends into any restroom environment. Its sapphire blue color or graphite grey adds a touch of elegance.
Safety First: Equipped with safety rails, the SCT3000 ensures stability during transfers, showering, and changing. Caregivers can maintain eye contact and physical connection with the user throughout the process.
Easy to Clean: The materials—powder-lacquered stainless steel, aluminum, polyurethane foam, and polystyrene—are not only durable but also easy to wipe down and sanitize.
Foldable and Space-Saving: When not in use, the SCT3000 folds neatly, optimizing restroom space.
Where Can You Find the SCT3000?
Airports: Enhance the airport experience for visitors by providing a reliable changing table and height-adjustable sink. More people than expected utilize these facilities, making travel more convenient for all.
Public Bathrooms: Restrooms in shopping centers, museums, and other public spaces benefit from the SCT3000. It ensures that everyone, regardless of mobility challenges, can access dignified care.
Hospitals and Institutions: Healthcare facilities appreciate the SCT3000’s ergonomic design. It streamlines caregiving tasks, reduces setup time, and prioritizes user comfort and safety.
Private Homes: Families caring for adults with special needs find the SCT3000 indispensable. It transforms personal care routines into stress-free moments.
Invest in Inclusivity
The SCT3000 isn’t just a table; it’s a commitment to inclusivity. By installing this versatile solution, you create a restroom environment that caters to everyone’s needs. Join the movement toward greater accessibility—choose the Pressalit SCT3000. #singhealth #moh #singapore #singaporetiktok #acr #accessible #accessibledesign #denmark #pressalit #cerebalpalsyawareness #activeagingllp #accessiblechangingroom #pressalitspaces #disability #accessibletoilet #diversity #accessibledesign #bca #changingplace #mutifunction #nursingtable #nursing #hospital #hospitallife #hospitaltiktoks #elder #eldercare #Architects #BuildingOwners #UniversalDesign #AccessibilityMatters #InclusiveSpaces #FacilityUpgrades #PublicRestrooms #HealthcareFacilities #DignityInCare #ArchitecturalInnovation