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Singapore, January 2017/Opening

“ACTIVE AGING LLP, PRESSALIT's authorised distributor for Singapore, had their PRESSALIT Care showroom declared officially opened by the Ambassador of Denmark to Singapore and Brunei, Her Excellency Dorte Bech Vizard on 9 January 2017. Attended by the CEO of PRESSALIT A/S, Mr Kim Boyter, he jointly played host together with ACTIVE AGING’s founders, Ms Anne Chiang and Mr, Johnny Yap. Almost 30 guests, from a wide spectrum of industry, ranging from government (Building And Construction Authority, Urban Redevelopment Authority), medical professionals, to established vendors in the healthcare industry, business owners, to VWOs and social enterprises came by, mingled freely, tucked into Nordic-themed canapes and listened to opening speeches, peppered with lots of laughter and well wishes.

ACTIVE AGING LLP's experiential showroom features CARE’s PLUS range of flexible bathroom solutions, MATRIX’s wheelchair-friendly adjustable sinks, SELECT’s electrically operated height-adjustable toilets and INDIVO’s lifts for wall-hung cabinets and worktops. Situated in the city state of Singapore, the showroom is a working model of the two companies' combined belief that ‘disabled' does not have to mean ‘unable'.

Guests were invited to try first-hand, PLUS’ skin temperature-friendly shower seats and witnessed PRESSALIT’s innovative design and engineering. Complete with an actual wheelchair, Johnny demonstrated the flexibility and adjustability of the various products.

Currently the only PRESSALIT Care showroom in South East Asia*, it welcomes one and all, from actual individual users to institutional caregivers, to design/research houses, to industry, to welfare and social organisations. Looking to be more than just a supplier of assistive hardware for special needs, ACTIVE AGING LLP is looking to promote independent living amongst the elderly AND disabled, through partnerships and synergistic activities with various interest and community groups. In partnership with PRESSALIT, ACTIVE AGING LLP are committed to embody the slogan, “Keep living”, in the many years to come.
Transcript for Video

Pressalit A/S and Active Aging LLP mark their presence in Southeast Asia with the opening of their exclusive experiential showroom in Singapore. Ambassador to Singapore and Brunei, Her Excellency, Dorte Bech Vizard graces the official opening of Active Aging Singapore. Transcript of Speech: Good evening to all of you. I am Dorte, Denmark’s Ambassador to Singapore and Brunei. I am honoured to start my new year with the opening of a showroom by an innovative Danish business, Pressalit Care, and its partner, Active Aging. As you can see, we are surrounded by flexible, well-thought and finely constructed solutions to our everyday lives. These daily fixtures which we take for granted, have been carefully designed and crafted to meet the needs of a rapidly ageing demographics which both Denmark and Singapore grapple with. These flexible solutions to fixtures have enabled both the young and old to live independently. Healthcare professionals also benefit from Pressalit Care’s solutions as they allow them to provide care while preserving patient dignity. The partnership between Pressalit Care and Active Aging is timely. Singapore government is deeply concerned about its ageing population. The Singapore government has been encouraging its people to age at home. Singaporeans are starting to take heed and they do want to live independently and with dignity, regardless of age and health condition. Guidelines set by Building & Construction Authority have pathed the way for a more inclusive society. This is important especially when Singapore is working towards a liveable city. Singapore of often looked upon for benchmarking. Danish companies that want to be seen and heard often start from Singapore. This showroom can be a living lab to Pressalit Care’s capabilities and Active Aging’s mission. I believe this showroom will be put to good demonstration to key stakeholders in Singapore as well as Malaysia. I congratulate both Pressalit Care and Active Aging on your official opening of this exclusive Pressalit Care showroom. Today is the 9th of January. In Chinese, 9 means everlasting. This is a good start and I wish you many more milestones ahead.

Chief Executive Officer and Owner of Pressalit A/S, Kim Boyter, graces the official opening of Active Aging LLP Singapore. Pressalit A/S and Active Aging LLP mark their presence in South East Asia with the opening of their exclusive experiential showroom in Singapore.



Pressalit Addresses Accessibility Problems

One of the key problems is in the number of personnel required to wash and change clients who soil themselves. Due to the absence of appropriate hardware, it currently takes three people to wash and change one client. Currently, many clients require assistance and/or supervision during toileting. There are some who have the potential to be more independent in the bathroom. We would like to utilise suitable sanitary hardware to build their confidence to be more independent.

Pressalit range of sanitary fittings are flexible and height-adjustable. Flexible in that they are engineered to support a diverse group of users, in various shapes, heights and sizes, with different levels of functionality. Besides improving our clients’ comfort and safety in the bathroom, its height-adjustable feature protects our care giver’s well-being too; minimising back-breaking patient transfers.