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Nursing Homes

PRESSALIT SCT 3000 Shower & Changing Table: Elevating Care and Comfort

At Oasis@Outram, HCA HOSPICE CARE recently installed the PRESSALIT SCT 3000 Shower & Changing Table—a remarkable addition that enhances care and dignity for clients. Let’s delve into the features and benefits of this cutting-edge solution.

Key Features of the SCT 3000

  • Height Adjustability: The SCT 3000 boasts electric height adjustment, allowing caregivers to work comfortably at a suitable height. Whether transferring clients to or from a wheelchair, the adjustable table ensures ergonomic correctness.
  • Comfortable Showers: Clients experience more comfortable, safe, and dignified showers. The SCT 3000 accommodates both sitting and lying positions, catering to individual functionality levels.
  • Safety Rail: A fold-down safety rail provides additional security during transfers and showering sessions.
  • Interchangeable Mattress: The SCT 3000 features a removable and interchangeable mattress, ensuring hygiene and comfort.

Care and Maintenance

During the installation briefing, caregivers learned about proper care and maintenance for the SCT3000. To maintain hygiene, we recommend using Clinell Sporicidal Wipes, which effectively combat the coronavirus within 60 seconds. As a bonus, every purchase of a PRESSALIT Shower & Changing Table (SCT) and/or Changing Table (CT) from Active Aging LLP includes two complimentary packs of Clinell Sporicidal Wipes—a positive first step in caring for your SCT