Accessible Toilet Design Guide

Accessible Toilet Design Guide

Design Guide - Accessible Bathrooms.

Pressalit Care is a market leader for bathroom solutions for people with disabilities. We are well-known for our know-how and for the quality and flexibility that is integrated into our products. In addition to a wide range of innovative solutions, we offer an interior design service which is based on in-depth knowledge about illness progression and space requirements. Pressalit Care’s products are the result of collaboration with both users and carers and the knowledge we have acquired about patterns of movement, interior design needs and space requirements. It is against this background that we create the best and most future-proof solutions. The aim is to enhance the lives of people with disabilities, improve working environments for health care professionals, and ensure better and longer-term solutions for investing managements. 


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Bathrooms are often either too small or badly arranged. As the walls can’t move, Pressalit's products must do so. The inherent flexibility of our solutions makes the room more accessible and work-friendly because of the efficient use of space. Stay tunedto the DESIGN GUIDE series where Active Aging LLP (Pressalit Singapore) will provide tips to creating functional Accessible Bathrooms


Care for Users

We want to help physically-impaired usersessible toilets as possible thus making our society more disabled-friendly.​

PRESSALIT PLUS Series' unique moulded horizontal track system supports user independence. Products like support arms, wash basin, shower seat and back rest are securely hooked on the track. Products can then move, sideways OR up/down, to suit the user – whether he or she is a child or adult, seated or standing.​

The system’s innovative design, choice of materials and ​attention to detail make it easy to integrate into the room without compromising on functionality, comfort and design. ​

These assistive devices enables you to look after yourself in safe and stylish ​surroundings thus giving you more energy and support to get through the day. ​


Caring for the Caregiver


Physically impaired users who require assistance means the bathroom becomes a workplace for caregivers.​

​PRESSALIT Care’s assistive and flexible sanitary fittings for special needs mean lesser physical strain on the caregiver, quicker and easier workflow procedures, which creates healthier work conditions and support for the caregiver. ​

​The products can be quickly and easily adjusted and moved according to the needs of users and caregiver thus creating convenience.​

The flexibility of these bathroom aids ensures that caregiver can perform their work without the user sacrificing any integrity or dignity.