Accessible Individual Washroom (AIW) BCA 2019

Accessible Individual Washroom (AIW) BCA 2019

ACCESSIBLE INDIVIDUAL WASHROOM (Building and Construction Authority, BCA Singapore, Code on Accessibility In The Built Environment 2019, p. 96)

With PLUS, the details create the whole. The design is innovative and continually tested for stability and strength. The same thoroughness also applies to the choice of materials for all our solutions and to the operating and adjusting of every single product. We focus on creating medical assistive devices and health care services which are uncomplicated and intuitive to use and, not least, flexible in relation to the needs of the individual user.​

PLUS offers considerable freedom when furnishing a room, and creates a sense of coherence between the different assistive equipment. The system has a high degree of user-friendliness based on sound design, superior materials and future-proofed functionality.​

​Pressalit CARE's Solution​
• Intuitive • Flexible • Strong
​- MATRIX New Curve wash basin​
- PLUS height adjustable wash basin bracket​
- Flexible feed & waste system​
- Horizontal wall track​
- Height adjustable Support arms​