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Singapore, Sep 2018 Medical Fair Asia


MFA 2018 saw the strongest turnout ever, with 1,000 exhibitors from 62 countries, including 23 national pavilions and country groups this year. Situated in a strategic corner booth in the Community Care Zone, PRESSALIT A/S’ presence was a first ever, in Singapore. We were kept busy as we played host to at least 140 visitors to our booth over the three days. Its 12 sq m stand featured a MATRIX Small wash basin, a PLUS 450 shower seat and three different permutations of PLUS Support Arms. Seen also for the first time in South East Asia was the Nursing Bench 3000 Series, which attracted a lot of interest from various local and regional hospitals. It was evident that adult-sized height adjustable changing benches are slowly gaining acceptance as a primary feature in accessible toilets in SEA.


Singapore, Care Rehab February 2019

ACTIVE AGING LLP is PRESSALIT A/S’ latest addition to their extensive network of Authorized Distributors. 

ACTIVE AGING LLP supplies and installs PRESSALIT Care range of assistive hardware technology from Denmark. Designed and engineered for people with reduced/limited functional capacity, PRESSALIT Care products are used in bathrooms, kitchens and workspaces. 
Guided by their slogan, ‘Keep Living’, PRESSALIT Care comprises of a complete range of premium quality, hand or electrically-operated adjustable shower seats, support arms, toilet lifters, worktop/wall cabinet lifters and nursing benches. 
The products aim to enable and prolong independence in seniors and the moderately disabled in four critical areas: showering, toileting, changing and washing. 
Designed also to protect the caregiver, PRESSALIT’s technology lies in its unique track system; enabling flexibility and adaptability, both primary considerations when designing a space to meet a range of special needs. Both horizontal and vertical adjustments in Care products benefit both user and caregiver; in almost any given healthcare situation.
Our shared goals are a better life, one filled with dignity and independence, for people with mobility limitations; and a healthier work environment for their carers. 
PRESSALIT Care can be viewed in ACTIVE AGING LLP’s experiential showroom at: 190 Clemenceau Avenue, #05-31 Singapore Shopping Centre, Singapore 239924. Click here or call +65 6735 9727 for an appointment. Download brochure here.


Singapore, 16 July 2019, National Council of Social Services Summit

Photo Source:  NCSS Summit (16 July 2019) Exhibitors-5 © Isabelle Lim

The Social Service Summit is NCSS’s annual signature event which brought together, on 16 July 2019, leaders from the social service ecosystem to build networks and collaborate for change. The theme for this year’s Summit was Impact through Innovation.

Key Highlights:

1) Launch of the Sector Design Challenge – a platform for social service ecosystem partners to work together in solving key social issues

2) An Innovation Showcase featuring solutions from more than 50 social service agencies, social enterprises and tech partners

3) 6 Breakout Tracks that deep dived into the topics of: innovation in service delivery, innovation in organisational change and innovation in collaboration

Active Aging LLP (Pressalit SINGAPORE) was invited to display under the Innovation Showcase. The visitors were especially impressed with our PRESSALIT’s Matrix Adjustable Height Sink and the Accessible Changing Bench; both of these products can be seen in the pictures below.

Christian Outreach, Singapore Cheshire Home, Ministry of Health, Sree Narayana Mission, CEPAS were amongst the many who were at the summit and visited our stand.

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Dear friends,

We thank you for stopping by ACTIVE AGING LLP’s stand at the SOCIAL SERVICE SUMMIT’s Innovation Showcase on 16 July 2019 at MBS. We hope this message finds you well. You will recall we showcased PRESSALIT Care’s range of flexible bathroom solutions designed for not just the physically impaired but protect the well-being of care-givers too.

Safety, independence, dignity and comfort in the bathroom concern us the most. Our efforts in raising awareness of and campaigning for truly inclusive accessible toilets in Singapore must continue. Spurred on by BCA’s latest COA 2019, we are excited about the future of this space; and the gradual standardisation of ACCESSIBLE CHANGING ROOMS (ACRs) in the following public spaces:

• Hospitals, health-care centres, polyclinics
• Major transport terminals/interchanges, eg. Airports, bus and MRT interchanges/railway stations, cruise centres
• Sports Complexes
• Theme parks and purpose-built amusement centres, community clubs and country clubs
• Shopping complexes of 20,000 sq m or more in gross floor area

Please talk to us if you are interested in making “accessible” a working reality in your or your client’s facility. We provide support in the following areas:
- Design advice (in line with BCA’s COA 2019)
- Product placement advice
- Product advice on PRESSALIT Care and installation

If you are planning for/designing/upgrading an Accessible Water Closet Compartment, Accessible Individual Washroom or an ACR, do remember us! As promised when we met, you are all welcome to pay our experiential showroom a visit. Until then, do stay in touch via LinkedIn (if we have not). Stay healthy and keep smiling.