Water Closets (WC) BCA 2019

Water Closets (WC) BCA 2019

WATER CLOSETS (BCA Singapore, Code on Accessibility In The Built Environment, 2019, p.118)​



PRESSALIT Care SELECT is a series of lifters for toilets and wash basins. The series includes manual and electric toilet lifters and electric wash basin lifters with various modes of operation and all the associated accessories. This makes it easy for the users to get on and off the toilet during daily use and the process comfortable and dignified for the user. ​

Respect for people and their right to a good life irrespective of their functional ability is the cornerstone of PRESSALIT Care‘s philosophy. This is summed up in two words: Keep living. ​

For more than 35 years, the keep living philosophy has been a guiding principle for PRESSALIT Care’s development of flexible kitchen and bathroom solutions for people with disabilities. Reduced functionality need not limit a person’s development. ​

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