About Us

ACTIVE AGING LLP, is a 100% Singapore enterprise, dedicated to enabling seniors and the disabled, to ‘keep living’ well, independently and healthily, with grace and dignity.

As PRESSALIT’s Authorized Distributor for Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, ACTIVE AGING LLP carries a wide range of PRESSALIT products, designed and engineered for people with reduced functional capacity; that are used in bathrooms, kitchens and workspaces.

PRESSALIT, with a history that dates back to 1954, is a leading manufacturer of toilet seats and flexible solutions for kitchens and bathrooms. PRESSALIT products are now proudly available through ACTIVE AGING LLP in Singapore.

Join us in our journey to adding life to years.  Safely.  Securely.  With absolute peace of mind.


A society where the aged and disabled can continue enjoying high mental, physical and emotional function in their daily lives; and to be able to do so sustainably, and where living/aging independently and actively is a given and an individual’s right.


  • To harness technology, engineering and innovative design to bring only superior quality, safe, secure and tested products that add life to years.
  • To partner healthcare institutions in improving their quality of care.
  • To commit to partnerships that promote and support healthy, active and independent living in the aged and PwDs

Core Competencies

Ask us anything on building the functional accessible bathroom or accessible kitchen. Talk to us about meeting the needs of users and caregivers alike; and that the space is compliant with building and construction standards.​ 

We build flexible and functional solutions for accessible toilets and kitchens without compromising on design or usability.​