Building and Construction BCA Singapore COA 2019 Updates

A reposting from Building and Construction Authority of Singapore (posted on 10 July 2019)

Photo Source: Building and Construction Authority (Singapore)

BCA has launched its new Code on Accessibility in the Built Environment 2019 – requirements that building owners and professionals must fulfil to ensure that our buildings and public spaces are friendly and inclusive. The two most impactful changes to the Code are the requirements for Accessible Changing Rooms which allow caregivers to clean and change the diapers of older children and adults with disabilities as well as the elderly; and wider accessible toilet spaces for motorised wheelchair users as they require larger manoeuvring spaces.

Check out some pictures of Changi Airport’s Accessible Changing Room located at Terminal 3, Basement 2. This facility offers caregivers like Jasmine a conducive space to attend to the toileting needs of her daughter, Sarah, who is non-mobile, and still using diapers. The new Code will benefit them, and many more families as these facilities will become mandatory in public spaces such as hospitals, larger transport terminals and shopping complexes in the near future. During the recent visit to the Accessible Changing Room at Changi Airport T3, Jasmine expressed her gratitude of how diaper changing for Sarah has been made much less stressful, without her having to worry about her girl’s safety now that she is being placed on a changing table suitable for adults, and not just for babies. ☺️

For more details about the 2019 Code, download from this link or scan the QR Code


Showering and Changing Tables for Accessible Changing Rooms


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Showering and Changing Tables for Accessible Changing Rooms

Tim Knowles and Anne Chiang load testing the Pressalit Showering and Changing Table at the Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3.

Showering and Changing Table 3000 in Singapore Changi Airport, compliant BCA Singapore, Code on Accessibility In The Built Environment, 2019, p.132

PRESSALIT Showering and Changing Tables (SCT) series 1000, 2000 and 3000 are a range of high quality, fixed or power adjusted nursing benches designed to provide a stable platform suitable for changing adults and children in a variety of settings: schools, day care centres, institutions, hospitals and private homes. Made of materials that are robust and resistant to cleaning agents, PRESSALIT Nursing Benches are made to withstand the test of time, making them an investment that will pay its own way back many times over.


Height adjustable Showering and Changing Table in Singapore Changi Airport T3.

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Pressalit Showering and Changing Table (SCT) 3000 Series in Singapore Changi Airport T3. The table height is electrically controlled and can be brought down for patient transfer. Adjustable height allows easy patient transfer for both adults and children. The height adjustability makes showering and changing patient & caregiver friendly, while preserving hygiene and patients' dignity. The height adjustable feature also allows caregiver to work at a comfortable height. Patients are also showered or changed Safely.