Water Closet Compartment (WCC) BCA 2019

Water Closet Compartment (BCA 2019)

WATER CLOSET COMPARTMENTS FOR THE AMBULANT DISABLED (BCA Singapore, Code on Accessibility In The Built Environment, 2019, p.107)​



- PLUS flip-up non-slip support arm (paired with any standard toilet bowl)​

- PLUS fixed grab bars (comes in various configurations)

PRESSALIT have designed PLUS so that the products can be adjusted and operated intuitively, simply and without the use of tools. PLUS is designed for comfort, so the products are comfortable to the skin, easy to clean and straightforward to use. Above all, they provide support without compromising safety.​

Ergonomically shaped support arms provide a sense of security for seated users while also facilitating the task of transferring to and from wheelchairs. A good support arm also enables users to rest their arms comfortably while providing optimum support when getting up and sitting down. The PLUS support arms can be folded up against the wall when not in use.​

The PLUS series’ products are so intuitive that the series can easily be used by different users. The philosophy behind the flexible, intuitive bathroom is that the room should be tailored to the users and not the other way around.

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