Pressalit Nursing Home Toilet and Kitchen

Nursing Home Toilet and Kitchen


Accessible Toilet Adjustable-Height, Moulded Sink (NEW)

MATRIX height-adjustable wash basin in either manual (crank handle) OR electric operated versions. The model featured in the attached is the angled wash basin (good for corners) electric version; for raising and lowering the basin.

All plumbing is contained in a moulded concealed unit that aids hygiene control, as the pipework elements are not exposed to collect dust, dirt or bacteria.

In the electric version, the operating panel is on the front of the basin and is simple and intuitive – with red buttons on white, allowing most users to operate it themselves.

The other basin models that can be paired with this moulded unit are MATRIX SQUARE AND MATRIX MEDIUM. Regardless of which basin you choose, all of PRESSALIT’s wash basins’ inward curve of the basin’s front edge allows the user to lean into and reach the tap easily, while the shallow bowl gives enough space for wheelchair maneuverability.


Pressalit Showering and Changing Table 3000

Pressalit Showering and Changing Table 3000 Series. The height is Electrically Controlled. Bench can be brought down for patient transfer.

Adjustable height allows Easy Patient Transfer. Height adjustability makes nursing bench Patient & Caregiver Friendly. Preserves Hygiene and Patients' Dignity. Allows caregiver to Work at a comfortable height.

Patient is showered or changed Safely. Visit our showroom at 190 Clemenceau Avenue, #05-31, Singapore Shopping Center, Singapore 239924.



Flexibility for the Accessible Toilets


Flexible Solutions for the Accessible Toilets

Truly inclusive accessible bathroom must adapt to the user, and not vice versa. How is it possible, in practice, to design a room which meets the needs of different users, yet providing a good working environment for caregivers?

All of these can be achieved by incorporating flexibility into the design.

Pressalit PLUS system of horizontal and vertical tracks, the bathroom can easily and logically be adapted to the individual user’s physical capabilities.
The track system makes it easier for users to look after themselves and for carers to assist: It is easier to prepare the room, easier to free up space, easier to help with transfers and easier to combine the bathroom functions.

This is a practical, super flexible complete bathroom system - with clever details that create an even cleverer whole. Comprising of a range of shower seats, grab bars, support arms, and its unique track system for both horizontal and vertical adjustments, PLUS is people-centric and designed to be easily adaptable to users as their requirements change or grow. PLUS make planning, furnishing and altering bathrooms a snap.

Pressalit Care PLUS always makes its knowledge available to help you understand the specific needs of the disabled at the wash basin, at the toilet and in the shower area. In this way, together we can arrive at the best possible solution in every single case.


Pressalit for the Kitchen

Indivo Lifts

Height Adjustable Wall Cabinets and Worktops for disabled

Introducing Pressalit Care’s range of INDIVO lifts. Lifts that are used with wall cabinets and worktops. INDIVO lifts are specially designed for those with reduced physical capabilities. INDIVO lifts enable the user to access what was out of reach before. Again, at the push of a button, the wall cabinet lowers to the required height of the user and instantly, all items in the wall cabinet are accessible. The key feature is the lift itself, which is mounted on a flat concrete wall by way of industrial-grade bolts. A striking safety feature of INDIVO is its safety plate, seen here. Designed with the safety of the user in mind, the safety plate cuts off the motor the instant it comes into contact with