Accessible Changing Rooms (ACR) with Adult Changing Station


Accessible Changing Room in Tampines North Polyclinic 


SingHealth Tampines North Polyclinic, officially opened on 29 September 2023, is a clinic within the SingHealth Polyclinics network, designed to address the growing healthcare needs of the Tampines North area in Singapore. The polyclinic offers a comprehensive range of primary care services, including outpatient medical care and treatment for chronic and acute conditions, women’s and children’s health services, immunisations, allied health services such as physiotherapy, podiatry, and dietetics, as well as diagnostic and radiological services including X-ray, mammogram, and ultrasound. It also embraces telemedicine, enhancing accessibility and convenience for patients, especially during the post-COVID-19 period when the demand for healthcare has surged​​​​​​.

SingHealth's mission in Singapore is to deliver a comprehensive and holistic range of primary care services, meeting the healthcare needs of the community. This includes not just treating illnesses but also focusing on preventive care and health education, aiming to empower individuals and families to manage their health effectively. With the introduction of the My Care Team (MCT) model at Tampines North Polyclinic and other facilities, SingHealth emphasizes team-based care, where multidisciplinary teams work closely to provide personalized care plans for patients. This model supports the Healthier SG strategy, fostering long-term and trusting relationships between patients and their healthcare teams​​.

Furthermore, SingHealth is committed to sustainability and environmental protection, as evident in the design and operation of the Tampines North Polyclinic. The facility features eco-friendly elements such as rooftop gardens, solar panels, and LED lighting, underlining SingHealth's dedication to creating a green and sustainable healthcare environment​​​​. #singhealth #moh #singapore #singaporetiktok #acr #accessible #accessibledesign #denmark #pressalit #cerebalpalsyawareness #activeagingllp ##accessiblechangingroom #pressalitspaces #disability #accessibletoilet #diversity #accessibledesign #bca #changingplace #mutifunction #nursingtable #nursing #hospital #hospitallife #hospitaltiktoks #elder #eldercare


Singapore Building and Construction (BCA) Accessible Changing Rooms (ACR) layout using Pressalit's assistive equipment. (Adult Changing Station)

Singapore Building and Construction (BCA) Accessible Changing Rooms (ACR) Logo

January 2020 marks the month when the new BCA Code on Accessibility for the Accessible Changing Rooms (ACR) becomes mandatory. Our digital team has digitized the ACR logo and you can now download them, click HERE


Alternatively, if you prefer a different logo look, you can also click HERE to download other designs from our ONE DRIVE 


New building rules to improve accessibility for elderly, disabled

The Straits Time (Singapore) PUBLISHED JUL 12, 2019, 5:00 AM SGT

From Jan 6 next year, new buildings or buildings undergoing large-scale renovations will have to ensure that they fulfill new accessibility regulations.

These include building more spacious changing rooms and toilets for the convenience of the elderly, their caregivers and the disabled to give them a more accessible and convenient living environment.

The new regulations are part of an update made on July 5 by the Building and Construction Authority to its Code on Accessibility in the Built Environment.

Two key changes will be implemented. The first is a requirement for accessible changing rooms for adults with disability or seniors who need caregivers to help change them. There was no such provision previously.

Second, buildings will be required to provide larger accessible toilets on every floor so that motorised wheelchairs can manoeuvre.

These apply to buildings such as healthcare facilities, key transport nodes such as interchanges and larger shopping malls, as well as learning institutions.

The minimum size of such toilets will be 1.8m by 2.1m.

Previously, at least one accessible washroom was provided at every level of non-residential buildings where toilets were provided. The minimum size then was 1.75m by 1.75m.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday night, Minister for Social and Family Development Desmond Lee said the new regulations were made with the needs of the elderly and the disabled in mind.

"Singapore is a lot more accessible today than before, but a lot more needs to be done," he said.

Full-time caregiver Ei Phyu Zin, 31, of Active Global Caregivers, said the regulatory changes will ease her everyday grievances about using toilets in buildings when she is with the 75-year-old wheelchair-bound woman she cares for.

"Taking a wheelchair-bound patient out can often be tedious and tiring. These additional support changes made to buildings are very welcome as they help us deal with some of the practical day-to-day challenges that we face," she said.

"For example, the current cubicles for the handicapped in toilets are not big enough to accommodate a bulky wheelchair, the elderly whom I care for and myself, as I also have to be in the toilet to help her," she added.

"This can get frustrating at times. Therefore, bigger toilets would be very helpful."



Why ACCESSIBLE CHANGING ROOMS (ACR) are now included in the Building and Construction Authority (BCA)'s latest Code on Accessibility in the Built Environment 2019.


Here is why ACCESSIBLE CHANGING ROOMS (ACR) are now included in the Building and Construction Authority (BCA)'s latest Code on Accessibility in the Built Environment 2019.

Every day, there are those among us who cannot get out and about, cannot enjoy activities many of us take for granted. This includes people with profound and multiple learning disabilities, motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, injury, as well as the elderly. All because standard accessible toilets lack the flexibility and height-adjustable equipment their caregivers need, in order to change them safely, hygienically and comfortably.

With the installation of ACR's however, a world of possibility opens up for them and their care givers alike. Besides catering to the physically-impaired in general, ACRs also cater to those with high support needs, who require assistance from a carer and/or specialised equipment; making frenzied modern day society more inclusive. #activeagingllp #pressalit #presslaitlife #bca #NCSS #changingplaces #accessiblechangingrooms #changingspaces