Architects & Designers

PRESSALIT knows that in making the most of the available space and budget in any given project, Architects and designers also wish to be given considerable freedom when space planning and furnishing a room. PRESSALIT products work on the principle of a system and can interact across the various ranges. They provide a sense of coherence between the different functions, be it the kitchen, bathroom or workspace.

Always made with a high degree of user-friendliness in mind, the end-product is one that is of sound design, of superior materials and future-proofed functionality.

Architects and Designers, you’ll love SPACES, a digital visualization tool for you, to create and enhance bathroom layouts for people with disabilities.

SPACES presents the user with specific suggestions on bathroom layouts, complete with detailed supplementary information on the ergonomic qualities, adjustment options, and design attributes of applicable equipment.
SPACES allow you to work directly with your clients in real time and co-develop specific solutions based on the flexibility and functionality of PRESSALIT Care’s bathroom equipment.

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